Are you ready?

You seem to have found the place...

I'd say your all in.

You are whether you know it or not.

Why not strive for something golden. Something up.

My name is Sam Ullman. I help men and women get aligned with what God (Universe, Source) has in store for us.

It's suprisingly simple.

However, people haven't been telling you the truth. They don't know how.


I'm a performance coach.

A life coach. A personal trainer. A friend. A family member.

I struggled for a long time with my demons before I learned to let them go.

I see great value in helping others do the same. We are free. We just learned to be slaves somewhere along the way.

I devised a one-of-kind training program to get people on the right track. I saw what I went through over fourteen years and condensed my growth into a simple formula.

Now I'm:

In the best shape of my life
Loving meeting new people
Setting positive boundaries
Attracting wealth and abundance
Exuding energy
Excited for life
On a mission
Making it happen

And you can be too!

Embrace greener pasteurs

There's nothing else to do.

Let's work together to get your ship moving in the right direction.

My strategies work for all people – young & old – male & female.

It's funny how the truth works for all people.


How it works:

We work together for eight months – it shouldn't take that long but some things you can't rush.

We work on your mindset – we find your peace – then build.

Just like most things in life there of bad information in the wind. We'll focus on what works.

I won't say that it is always easy, but it is always simple. The truth is simple. It's our habits we have to untangle.

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